Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heidi Montag

    I felt it was only necessary to open the mouth that is P.S.A. and have its first words be concerning the one and only, Heidi Montag. I feel so alone in saying that I actually think that Heidi looks good after her supposed 10+ surgeries in one day, and previous nose and breast implants. She certainly spoke too soon and appeared publicly with a make-up covered swollen face. And the critics yapped over a false reading.
    Hearing of an 23 year old woman getting her jaw re-assigned,  the largest legal breast implants, her lower back "Scooped", a second rhinoplasty, a mini-brow, etc.... combined with a first impression of a swollen face will give anyone a negative reaction. but one year after all her surgeries, i doubt the healing is even fully over, but reconsider your opinions. I can think of plenty other people who have had 10+ plastic surgeries that look so much worse.

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