Saturday, January 29, 2011

Story Behind the Face

    Most of us know Jocelyn Wildenstein as "The Cat Lady" or "The Bride of Wilenstein." Also anyone who has stumbled upon this website probably has some knoweldge of who she is, and most people who use the internet frequently have seen her on popular "10 scariest celebrities" lists that frequent many sites. So i wont go into most of the details just yet. Im trying to find more pictures of her from the 90's (when she looked the coolest in my opinion). So if you have any decent sized pictures of her from professional photo shoots, magazine articles, etc please send them to me!

    The reason for this post is an article I was just send by my friend from the December 15th  1997 issue of New York Magazine. They did a pretty extensive article of the Wildenstein family, but more focused on her divorce from her former husband Alec Wildenstein. It is VERY interesting. the article starts on page 30. Enjoy!

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